How to use sport and physical activity to improve the wellbeing of disadvantaged children and young people

A Training package for Icehearts Europe Mentors

Who is behind Icehearts Europe?

ISCA and the Finnish long-term support programme for vulnerable children and young people, Icehearts Finland, joined forces with 10 partners –representing 8 different EU countries - to launch a Europe-wide expansion of this successful initiative, backed by an EU4Health Action grant. Starting in 2023, the project will last for 3 years and be tested in 5 pilot countries: Denmark, Estonia, Italy, Slovenia and Spain.

What brings us together?
Why you should participate in this training?

The main aim of this training tool is to provide an active learning experience and to guide you on a journey to become a trained Icehearts Europe mentor. This training tool augments the national training offered by pilot partners to selected Icehearts Europe mentors.

What will you learn?

By the end of the Icehearts Europe online training for mentors, you will be able to:

  • Outline the features of the successful Icehearts Finland model
  • Define the characteristics of an optimal mentor-mentee bond
  • Outline how the mentor and mentee can build a shared purpose and set goal
  • Produce and deliver a shared pilot plan for Iceheart Europe activities.

Disclaimer: The materials herein have been produced or are used as a part of an independent partnership Icehearts Europe and should therefore not be viewed as official materials or views of the Finnish organisation Icehearts ry.

  • You will need up to 90 minutes to complete the course.
  • To complete the training, open the topics in the order presented on the axis below. At the end of each topic, a small test is waiting for you, which helps to confirm the knowledge you have learned.
  • For each of the videos in this training, you can activate subtitles and auto-translation. To do so:
    1. Click on the keyboard icon at the bottom right-hand side of the player to turn on the Subtitles/CC option
    2. Click on the gear icon (‘Settings’) and select in the Auto-translate tab your desired language
  • To finish the training, you will need to complete all the stops, take the reflective exercises at the end AND complete a quick feedback form.

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